For women who want to

level up their life ONLY!

The Billionaire

women mind

Learn the power to manifest luxury, elegance, romance, optimal health and builds ultra wealth Gods way. 

…waking up in the Bahamas, spending the day having  brunch with a potential business partner, exploring street art, sipping on a coconut and ending the day walking a secluded beach boo'd up—while at the same time getting paid for your passion…

Well you can!

Feeling Stuck? Been there. Unsatisfied with your life? Been there, too.  However, today, after studying the riches, happiest and healthiest women in the world, I know what it takes to position yourself for love, create & launch a profitable WFA (work from anywhere) business and create a healthy lifestyle God's Way.

Using the the passion I have for serving others and the concepts I learned, I created my first business, then wrote my first book Beautiful Greatness, The Psychology of the Unlimited Life and have  launched my first course, and I've been living The Billionaire Woman Mind life ever since.

I would love to show you how!

Let's Go!


Have you ever thought  “there has got to be more to life then this” or had the case of the “about to".


About to:  

  • launch your business,

  • write a book, 

  • go on vacation,

  • embrace that new relationship                                     for far too long?


I’ve been there. And let me tell you… once I realized this ONE thing, everything changed. You wanna know what it is? Okay, here it goes…

The success of your life is not by chance; It's by intention!

"Whether you think you can, or think you can't - you're right!" 

— Henry Ford

Take The Billionaire Woman Mind course and scale up your relationship with God, business, health and love life!



you & god

Learn the power of being a woman as you build a deeper  love connection with yourself and with God

love & marriage

Learn the simple steps to
position yourself for true love that last!

health & wellness

See how to live a natural and balanced life, that ensures optimal health.

business & branding

I’ll walk you through how to
create your unique standout brand.  Create a WFA (work from anywhere) lifestyle (guarantee!)




Wealth Builder

Jacquelyn provides empowering insight as she invites women who are participate in The Billionaire Woman course. She was a sources of inspiration for me when I wrote my book Self Wealth for Women: An Inspiration Book & Journal.  Now I am proud to introduce you to her!


Natasha Claxton


This course has the power to get you to the next level. Jacquelyn shares a unique perspective that will upgrade the way you approach life and overcome challenges. She is genuine and brilliant, yet very approachable. This program is worth so much more than it's being offered for.... so get ready!




Jacquelyn Rivers, a leading thought expert and psychotherapist, presents a wealth of wisdom that is guaranteed to unlock the potential to your greatest success. Whether you are embarking on a journey of personal development, inner healing or wealth building, Dr. Rivers is relevant and provides applicable strategies for a dynamic growth experience. You are worth the investment



Real Estate

Working with Jacquelyn to discover my Beautiful Greatness was a refreshing, unique and empowering experience.


 Jacquelyn Rivers

Hello! I’m Jacquelyn Rivers, and I founded Yafah One Enterprises™  a lab and counseling firm aimed to find solutions to mental health and disease free-living for women.  I’m the creator of #TheBillionaireWomanMind, an 5-week Mastermind Course that helps entrepreneur scaling up their; love life, wealth building and health, Gods way.

I've been a psychotherapist for almost 20 years and have helped personal brands, entrepreneurs & influencers breakthrough in their business, love life and health.




Course Masterclass


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